"On The Jammu & Kashmir Issue" [Adopted At the CPI(M) Central Committee Meeting November 19-21, 2010]

August 17th, 2019 [IST]

Migration of the Kashmiri pandits from the valley in 1990 was a big setback to the Kashmiri  ethos, and their settling in Jammu as refugees was used by the Hindu outfits to whip up communal feelings. After so many years the Pandits have still not been able to return.


The Amarnath shrine land controversy which erupted in 2008, in which the BJP appointed Governor, Lt. Gen. Sinha played a provocative role, has hardened the communal division between Jammu and the valley. The agitation and the counter agitation disrupted the ties between the peoples of the two regions. 


Just as communal feelings have been aroused in Jammu there is the disturbing growth of Islamic fundamentalism in the valley. Many organisations are working to spread fundamentalist views which are socially conservative and that also has a political dimension. This trend is eroding the Kashmiri identity which was so integral to the outlook of the Kashmiri people.


Tackling the problem of Jammu & Kashmir also includes the dimension of how to redress the balance between the three regions and different groups within these regions and to provide for a democratic and secular framework which can keep the unity of the state.