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New Government - New Questions

1. Small cabinet?

Repeatedly it was said before the election that TMC would ensure a small cabinet. Reality is absolutely different. The new cabinet is just identical in number with the previous Left Front cabinet.

Even Anandabazar Patrika could not suppress their frustration in this context. In their editorial (dated 21 May, 2011) they have written that Mamata failed to meet up the expectation in the very first day!

2. Democracy, not party dictation (dolotontro noi - gonotontro)?

The slogan was coined by the media. But the catchy phrase seems to have no application by the TMC Government. Their committee on higher education has been formed with known anti-left faces.

The new higher education minister has stated repeatedly in the media about the control of CPI(M) in the teacher selection. Being an assistant professor himself, he spoke nothing about how he or many teachers like him who had no alignment to CPI(M) was selected in the Left regime.

In the name of illegal arms seizure a concerted effort is going on to bulldoze CPI(M). This is absolutely unprecedented in the three and half decade of Left Governance.

The martyrs' list is becoming longer, women are being molested by the TMC goons, and thousands of people have to be migrated - only as a result of supporting Left parties. Police has to become silent observer. Even Anandabazar Patrika has to file daily reports on these barbaric acts.

3. Public Singur treaty?

The first decision Mamata took, as chief minister was to return 400 acres to farmers who were unwilling to part with their land in Singur. They were about to public the Singur treaty done by previous Left Front Government but failed to do so due to 'legal complications'.

The previous Left Front Government has said several times that only the confidential part of the treaty can not be published due to injunction. The then opposition left no scope to malign the Government in this regard. What will happen to the interest of the state if this politics of provocation continues?

4. Is the debt really unmanageable in West Bengal?

Former finance minister has replied this campaign with relevant data and figure. But the campaigners never express their concern about the huge external debt of the Central Government.

Before the election a common rhetoric of the TMC camp was that the Government and Government aided staff will not get salary due to the bad condition of the state treasury. But the new CM could manage the salaries without any central assistance. She is announcing new proposals. Crores of money is being spent in the renovation of the sitting arrangements of the new ministers. The Higher Education Minister has expressed his intention to allot air condition machine for every college teachers' room. Does it really indicate the poor condition?

5. Is the Suspension of Dr. Shyamapada Ghorai logical?

The director of the Bangur Institute of Neurosciences (BIN) was suspended under instructions from chief minister Mamata Banerjee for alleged "misconduct and insubordination". During a surprise check in BIN on 26.5.11 the CM asked the director to meet her on 27th. But the director told her about his prefixed operation schedule. The entire dialogue between the director and the CM can be seen in The Telegraph (27.5.11 edition).

The director was not even show caused before the suspension.

6. How the administration accepts the congratulation of Bimal Gurung?

Bimal Gurung, the chief of the Gorkha Janmukti Morcha, has come to Kolkata to congratulate the new CM. This separatist force has clearly extended its support for TMC. They have now become soft on their demand of separate state. Do they feel integrated with the state only when the Left has faced defeat in election process? One has to keep a close eye.
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