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Alternative Policies of the Left Front

Election Manifesto of the CPI(M)

* Reject Congress
* Defeat BJP

* Vote for the CPI(M)
* Strengthen the Left For a Secular and Democratic Alternative
North Bengal

The Reality of Mamata's Switzerland
Three Years of TMC Rule: Massive Violence and Atrocities against Women

West Bengal for the past three years is being ruled by a woman Chief Minister. People had voted her to power with lot of expectations. However, the actual record of the Government is dismal and has failed to address the major concerns of the people. This is perhaps best exemplified by the huge increase in violence and atrocities against women in West Bengal.
১০ হাজার দূর অস্ত ২৩৪ মাদ্রাসার অনুমোদন মিলেছে আড়াই বছরে

পি টি টি আই, পার্ব্শ‍‌শিক্ষকদের নিয়ে প্রতারনা

১ লক্ষ শিক্ষক নিয়োগের প্রতিশ্রুতির ধারেকাছে পৌঁছায়নি মমতার সরকার

Leader of Ram Temple Movement Candidate of TMC

The Trinamool Congress has fielded Ms. Indira Tiwari from the Varanasi constituency in Uttar Pradesh for the upcoming Lok Sabha Elections.
Three Years of TMC Rule: Three Years of Trampling Fundamental Rights of the People

Ever since the TMC Government assumed office in West Bengal, there has been a systematic attempt to curb the fundamental rights of the people and silence any dissent through undemocratic means.
Performance of Member of Parliaments from West Bengal in the 15th Lok Sabha

In the 15th Lok Sabha, the Left Front had less number of MPs compared to the TMC, who contested the polls in alliance with the Congress. However, the performance of the Left MPs in the Lok Sabha in terms of attendance, participation in debates and the number of questions asked is far ahead compared to that of the TMC or the Congress. This only shows that it was the Left MPs who have consistently taken up important issues of the people on the floor of the house.
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